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Toddler/Early Preschool

Our toddler and early preschool classrooms are busy places where children ages 1 – 3 years old learn through discovery, imitation, and repetition.  In the Toddler/Early Preschool Classroom children maintain a consistent daily routine involving:

Circle Time

Children learn basic skills such as colors, numbers, and shapes.


Dramatic Play

Children imitate their environment and develop vocabulary while playing side by side with peers.

Music and Movement

Children enjoy singing, dancing, and playing instruments.


Children learn about math, science, and spatial relationships as they build their own masterpieces.


Art Time

Children take pride in their artistic accomplishments while exploring with paint, markers, glue, scissors, crayons, clay, and tissue paper.

Meal Times

Children understand that meal time is a relaxing time to talk with friends.  Teachers use this time to discuss healthy lifestyle habits.

blocks art-time-1 lunch-time

Physical Play

Children cannot wait to exercise and move whether inside or outside making their bodies healthy and strong while climbing, running, and jumping.

Sensory Play

Children love to explore through touch.  They learn about measurement, cause and effect, objects and actions, as they manipulate different sizes and textures of items.

Physical-Play 1

Story Time

Children explore rhythm, rhyme, and story elements while developing a love of reading!

Social and Emotional Teachings

Teachers model appropriate interactions between children.  Special teaching is given to help children learn how to sooth themselves when they are excited, frustrated, or upset.  Through continual teaching children begin to show awareness and respond appropriately to the feelings of others.

story-time social-emotional-teaching

Math Time

Children learn about numbers and counting.  They complete simple puzzles and demonstrate understanding of measurement concepts such as big/little, short/tall, heavy/light.

Nap Time

Children enjoy a calm and restful time to unwind while snuggling with a favorite blanket brought from home and listening to relaxing music.

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