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Aubree – parent

Get Ready Set Grow is hands-down the best preschool in Omaha! DJ and Jill not only go above and beyond for their staff and children, they also create an environment that is full of love and learning. The staff has been involved in training that exceeds expectations and enables them to provide outstanding service to the parents and children. Each and every teacher takes the time to implement a curriculum that prepares their class for lifelong success. Incredible communication and an outstanding curriculum set this center apart from the rest. I highly recommend getting your children on the waiting list for this program--it is well worth the wait!

Allie – parent

This place is unbelievable, my son came here with limited social skills, motor skill delays, and very little discipline. He attended for 2 years and he is now he is flourishing in kindergarten. Thank you Jill and Ms. MEGAN

Janet – grandma

I loved the fact that my grand children went here. They had excellent care and great pre school education. The whole staff are fantastic with the children that go there. Jill and DJ are fabulous owners. Thanks to them all. :)

Cory – parent

I'm very pleased with Get Ready Set Grow Child Care. They have helped my kids grow and develop. I can highly recommend them to anyone looking for a gifted development program for their children.

Kristen- mom

How do you put into words the sense of relief as a parents you have dropping your child off knowing they are in AMAZING hands!!! Jill and DJ run an amazing center, you can feel the absolutely love that they have for each and every child that walks through their doors! From the hugs the children get when they arrive in their room, right down to the high fives DJ always makes sure to give the kiddos as they leave, it is easy to feel like your child is getting the love and attention of an in-home daycare with the structure and learning of a center.


I now have two little guys that attend the center, and without a doubt I can not imagine having them going anywhere else! The staff is amazing, always keeping parents involved in the day to day activities of their child's room. It is a HUGE relief to know if there are ever concerns Jill & DJ have a 100% open door policy and encourage you to be involved within the center. The team works hard to make sure that every child feels special and loved every single day!

I am very grateful to know that my kiddos are so well taken care of by the amazing staff--which stays with and watches my child grow, and is as excited to see them learning and exploring new things as I am!

Keep up the amazing work GRSG staff! You are very loved!


Stephanie - mom

Ready Set Grow has been the only day care of that has truly honestly cared for my son and has actually jumped through hoops and helped me so much with my son's condition as he has autism they really care and I don't see him anywhere else besides and Ready Set Grow Childcare.

We are so glad that we chose Get Ready Grow for our daughter's daycare/school! She has been a part of this excellent daycare since she was an infant. She is so happy there and is always happily greeted when she arrives every morning. She learns so much there and I never worry about her at GRSG. I am so pleased that the teachers involve the children with so many fun learning activities. The entire facility is wonderful and cares about the kids so much, including the owners Jill and DJ. Thank you for all you do for our little one!


Anna - mom