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Our infant room is a bright environment where your infant can learn and explore. Teachers work on building a relationship with the infant through gentle approaches and actions, eye contact, smiling, calm voices, and being playful. The sensitive needs of the infant are accommodated and fully exploring the classroom is encouraged depending on the developmental needs and level of the infant. Sensitivity to the needs of the infant are shown with physical attention, verbal and physical acknowledgement, and quick response to emotional needs.

Tiny Tots

Once an infant grows older, they move into the Tiny Tot classroom and are able to continue their learning in a positive environment. Children start to learn the spoken language and develop their communication skills. This is done with open-ended questions and narration of children's actions. Children will play outside, sing songs with hand motions, play blocks, musical instruments, color, create, and read books. Transitions will be made from playing alone to play with others be monitoring social emotional skill.

Toddler/Early preschool

Young learners work under the careful eye of a teacher who is trained to their sensitive needs. Children learn to make choices and share ideas and learn positive behaviors and choices. The Funshine Express Preschool Curriculum is used and focuses on language development, physical development, social development, and cognitive development. Everything is done according to the right level.



There are clear behavior aspects for children to learn in the preschool program. Preschool classrooms have areas where children can have movement opportunities, visual learning, and auditory learning. They learn how to solve their own problems with the support of the sensitive and trained classroom teacher. The curriculum is designed to meet all of their learning and academic needs.

The safety of your infant is extremely important  to you and us and our owner, Jill Clanton, is a trainer for the Safe With You program that is run through the Nebraska Department of Education and the Department of Health and Human Services.

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•Early Childhood Services

•The University of Nebraska Medical Center/Munroe-Meyer Institute

A partnership with...

•regular assessments and screenings of children’s development

•weekly coaching sessions for your child’s teacher with a master teacher from Early Childhood Services

•regular meetings with other area childcare directors

•extensive staff training on using the CLASS assessment


•Center for Holistic Development

•Child Savings Institute

•Early Childhood Training Center

•Heartland Family Services

•Lutheran Family Services

•Munroe Meyer Institute

A partnership with...

•infant mental health

•social/emotional classroom referral

•individual child support

•educational consultation

•professional development


•Nebraska Department of Education

•Nebraska USDA Nutrition Team

•Department of Health and Human Services

•University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension

•Nutrition and Activity for Health

A partnership with...

•Implementation Training for Teachers

•Parent Training Nights

•Nutrition Curriculum Materials

•Tools to Improve our Center’s Nutrition and Physical Activity Environment


Gardening Gross-Motor


Physical Play




We have a garden on site here at Get Ready Set Grow Childcare.  The children participate in the planting of the seeds, watering of the plants, weeding of the gardens, and picking the produce.  Food from our garden is used to feed the children for lunch and snack. Extra  items are sent home so the children can enjoy their special garden food with their family.  The children take so much pride in the items they help to grow and prepare.  

Children at GRSG have opportunities for physical play every day.  We have 3 age appropriate playgrounds.  Our playgrounds have centers for physical play, reading time, art time, sensory time, and musical play.  If we are unable to play outside we have physical play inside with balls, parachutes, bean bags, and dance.  Research shows that active physical play keeps children healthy and allows them

to listen and attend to learning better.  

GRSG participates in the Child and Adult Food Program for the State of Nebraska and follow structured nutritional guidelines for the breakfast, lunch, and afternoon snack.

  • We offer high fiber, whole grain foods at least 2 times a day

  • We offer fruit to children at least 2 times a day

  • We make drinking water freely available so children can serve themselves

  • We serve only skim milk to children age 2 or older

  • We do not have soda or vending machines on site

  • We have a 5 week menu cycle and allow for seasonal changes

  • Our menus include food grow in our own garden

  • Our staff gently and positively encourage children to try a new or less favorite food

  • We provide visible support promoting healthy eating in classrooms and common areas through the use of posters, pictures, displayed

  • books, games, and toys

  • Our staff often talk informally with children about trying and enjoying healthy foods

  • We provide training opportunities for staff on nutrition at least 2 times per year

  • We offer nutrition education to families